Sun StorEdge T3 Array Installation Manual

Sun StorEdge T3 Array Administration Manual

Sun StorEdge T3 Array Firmware 2.1 Documentation Set Plan
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"I really liked the new organization of the document. The roadmap is genius; it is a good way to test the integrity of the organization." - Linda Wiesner, Senior Technical Editor, Sun Microsystems

Sun StorEdge 6120 Array System Manual Outline
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Lead the documentation effort for a high-profile RAID storage product by developing online repository for project plan status, including outlines, product features, list of updates, TOCs, manual contents, and review schedules. Presented weekly documentation reports to executive management. Successfully trained two junior writers.

Greatly enhanced the quality of a storage documentation set by rearranging the contents and rebuilding the structure that clearly showed the purpose and the direction to solve the users’ problems. Designed content information within each manual of the set based on users’ required tasks.