Sun Internet Mail Server Installation
and Configuration Guide

Reduced the installation time from several days to only a few hours by redesigning a new installation user interface. This UI easily illustrated systematic instructions to install the product from start to finish that included preparations, planning, installation, configurations, and post installation tasks.

Worked in collaboration with messaging server engineers, proposed enhancement solutions for installation design and setup, and documented new procedures to simplify the installation process.

Earned several letters of recommendations from both IT director and internal staff. Was rated four (out of five) for performance within fewer than six months of employment.

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"She has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to quality and excellence: her quality of work has consistently exceeded my expectations. She has added much valuable information so users could understand SIMS installation easily, which several of our customers greatly appreciated." - Shawn Lee, Software Engineering Engineer, Sun Microsystems

Sun Internet Mail Server Concepts Guide

Changed customer, trainee, and technical staff complaints to universal praise by conducting extensive research and by writing a comprehensive Concepts guide that provided general background on Internet messaging server technology, product architecture, components, and features. Along with its purpose in user training and education, this guide was also used for Marketing collaterals and Web content.

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"For the first time we have a really good manual describing the basic concepts and architecture of the SIMS product. This will be very helpful for those learning this product as well as for some who already know it." - Diane Fallier, Training Consultant, Sun Microsystems