The following are the titles and descriptions of individual projects we have completed for our clients
within different industries along with the comments the clients made.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise Evaluation Guide
McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management vs. Good Mobile Enterprise
   Competitive Review Report
McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management vs. MobileIron Competitive
   Review Report

MG3500 Programming Getting Started Guide
MG3500 SDK User's Guide
MG3500 Datasheet
MG3500 DDR2 Layout Design Application Note
MG3500 DirectFB User's Guide
Subversion Tech. Pubs. Page Setup
Wiki Tech. Pubs. Page Setup

Active Directory Password Synchronization Business Requirements

Mocana Library
Mocana FIBS Certificate

Digital Fountain ToughStream Developer's Guide
Digital Fountain Mobile File Delivery Developer's Guide
Digital Fountain Raptor Developer's Guide

CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Hub Project Plan
CorEdge Networks Pico TCA 1UR User Guide
CorEdge Networks Pico TCA 1US User Guide
CorEdge Networks Pico TCA 2E User Guide
CorEdge Networks Pico TCA 2UE User Guide

RealTime Architecture Guide
RealTime Disaster Recovery Guide
RealTime Installation Guide
RealTime configuration Guide
RealTime Administrator Guide

Mobilinux Dynamic Power Management Programmer's Guide
Carrier Grade Edition Storage Devices Management Developer's Guide

Magnum Coprocessor Family Product Brief
Magnum Transcodec Co-processor USB-Powered Product Brief

DNS One Network Identity Appliance Quick Start Guide
DNS One HA Installation Chapter
DNS Technical Terms Definitions

Sun StorEdge T3 Array Installation Manual
Sun StorEdge T3 Array Administration Manual
Sun StorEdge 6120 Array System Manual Project Plan
Sun Internet Mail Server Installation and Configuration Guide
Sun Internet Mail Server Concepts Guide
Sun StorEdge Media Central Streaming Server Users Guide
Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager Software Configuration Guide

SellerXpert Site Administratorís Handbook (four chapters)

Oracle InterOffice x.400 Gateway Installation Guide
Oracle InterOffice SMTP/MIME Gateway Chapter
Oracle InterOffice POP3 Server Chapter
Oracle InterOffice LDAP Server Chapter
Oracle Applications for OpenVMS Installation Manual

Tencor P-12 Disk Profiler Operations and Reference manuals
Tencor P-30 SMIF Profiler Operations and Reference manuals

Operations Control Systems
Express for UNIX (automated networked UNIX job scheduling)
Librarian for UNIX (file library and configuration management)

Concurrent Design Language(CDL) Guide
CAD500 Simulator: Electronic Design Automation Guide
CAD500 Models: 80386, 80486, 80586, SCSI, Keyboard Controller

Automatic Backup Procedure on Mountain FileSafe TAPE Software
CSEA Novell Network System Documentation
CSEA Systems and Data Files
Managing Technical Communication in Organizations Report

HiFi Program Training the Trainer's Guide

Stratix FPGA Device Security Feature Application Notes

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