Automatic Backup Procedure on Mountain FileSafe TAPE Software

Described the automated backup procedure set up on the Mountain FileSafe TAPE software for Novell network system administrators. Contents included network background, programs, system and batch files, along with data and text files.

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CSEA Novell Network System Documentation

Provide overviews and detailed information about CSEA network system for managers, programmers, and system administrators.. Contents included file servers, network operating system, security, shell, monitoring, physical wiring, backup, printers, login scripts, and workstations.

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Managing Technical Communication in Organizations

Conducted extensive research and defined the role of a technical communication department within an organization for managers and technical writers. Contents included interviewing some of the highly successful technical managers in the industry, including Cadence Design Systems.

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CSEA Systems and Data Files Guide

VAX/VMS users manuals for each individual business application system

Operational Tasks
  • Designed training materials for several of my PC/MS DOS in-house software training classes.

  • Supported local, remote users of in-house systems, word processing on VAX/VMS, PC network.

  • Established standards for writing projects, including project management, style guide, document design.

  • Analyzed, developed work plans, schedules, operating procedures, document specifications.

  • Trained two VAX/VMS operators.