Concurrent Design Language (CDL) Guide

CAD500 Simulator: Electronic Design Automation Guide

CAD500 Models: 80386, 80486, 80586, SCSI, Keyboard Controller

Researched, interviewed, tested, wrote, edited, and published several highly complex manuals from scratch, including a Hardware Design Language (similar to VHDL and Verilog) for ASIC designers and system architects.

The CDL guide described the system design, including I/O and clock signals, equations, data path elements, vector files, and ALU functions. The Simulator guide explained the system architecture, including design files, the simulator screen, signals, stepping, and processor models.

"Sholeh’s projects involved documenting a very sophisticated set of software tools that were used for digital system design and simulation. This project required a high degree of technical understanding of the product. She worked closely with members of the engineering staff to gather further insight into exactly how the product is used. She created over four hundred pages of documentation, covering every aspect of the use of the tools. The manuals were accurate, effective, and user-friendly." - Alan Smith, CEO, CPU Technology